We are honoured to be part of the Celli Group, business leader on an international level,
thanks to which we improved the development of our organisation and quality of beverage and beer cooler solutions.

MICHAEL FILMER Technical Development Director


We are the leading manufacturer of draft beer cooling systems in the UK market, with a complete range and excellent quality, recognized by all customers, including large international beverage groups - Heineken, Carlsberg, Molson Coors, Asahi - as well as regional breweries. A business with more than 30 years of history in the field of of refrigerated cooling equipment for draft dispensing. We have profound know-how and a high level of quality recognised by the market.
We are part of the Celli Group, one the international leaders in the design and production of dispensing systems for every type of cold beverage, since 2019; thanks to which we create new opportunities to accelerate the development of our organisation. We are honoured to join the Celli Group in the United Kingdom, to create an organization of market leadership, which is capable of offering its English customers the most complete range of products for beer and beverage dispensing.
MF Refrigeration expertise in beer cooler and beverage refrigerating systems creates synergies that are both industrial and commercial further strengthening the presence of the Celli Group in the beverage dispensing industry.


We offer a wide range of of beer cooling machines as standard but can also manufacture bespoke solutions for specialist applications. We pride ourselves on our innovative and flexible approach to manufacturing. With a manufacturing capacity exceeding 30,000 coolers per year, we supply our products to customers globally across Europe, the USA, the Middle East, South-East Asia and Australasia. A complete range of cooling solutions: from the series of cooling systems and innovative coolers, to custom coolers for special applications and any type of beer cooler for all the needs; from post-sale services to reconditioning of clients' equipment.

All types of cooler for the dispensing and refrigeration of beer and soft drinks by MF Refrigeration are highly innovative. They have a technological heart, designed and manufactured in compliance with the basic rules to give you the perfect cold drafting. A rich series of models of beer cooler available in different dimensions and versions depending on the intended use, and fully customizable to meet any specific customer request.


The production site is highly integrated: from the entry of the components to the delivery logistics, which makes use of a fleet of vehicles that allows us a full control of our business process. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 fully certified for quality systems. With our dedication to internal training and balanced process controls we ensure that quality is a commitment. Every drink and beer cooler produced is individually tracked throughout the manufacturing process to guarantee consistently high standards. Moreover, each article we produce is tested before it is packed and shipped. Thanks to the barcode it is possible to guarantee complete traceability of the machine during its entire life cycle.
We provide technical assistance and support thanks to our facility dedicated to repair and re-engineering; in this way, the refrigerators can be repaired or redesigned based on the current needs of the industry.


From an industrial point of view, MF Refrigeration operates over two factories south of London, with approximately 70 employees, and it is characterized by its strong vertical integration, carrying out in-house almost all of the operations and guaranteeing as much maximum control over all processes. We have our primary premises in Sevenoaks, Kent, our northern warehouse in Sheffield, Yorkshire and other third-party facilities across the UK that enable us in providing storage and distribution nationwide.
The production facility is highly integrated: from the acceptance of the components to the logistics of delivery. This includes a substantial fleet of vehicles that allows not only for total control over volumes and delivery times, but also for the opportunity to satisfy special requests that arrive unscheduled.


Energy efficiency is always the focus of the development of the beverage and beer cooler solutions we design. We strive to help our customers reduce their energy consumption and costs, without compromising on performance and ensuring that each product meets the legislation, in continuous evolution, aimed at reducing CO₂ emissions and the impact of global warming. For this reason, high efficiency compressors, EC fans, pumps and refrigerants such as R290 are used, which offer low energy consumption and the lowest GWP in the sector.

Lately sustainability has evolved from a discussion point to an involved movement in the foodservice industry on a global scale. From food supply chains and distribution members to draft beverage and beer cooler equipment and supplies manufacturers, the sustainability movement affects all areas of the drink dispensing industry and the communities they serve.
Therefore, we decided to focus on the production of more eco-friendly equipment for bars, restaurants and hotels. These units are designed to prevent resource depletion, along with permanent compromise or damage of those resources.

Investing in our drink and beer cooler equipment is an effective way for all businesses of the HoReCa sector to become more sustainable and energy efficient. This sector consumes 2.5 times more energy per square foot than other commercial buildings and operations. The estimated total savings from creating energy-efficient commercial business premises ranges from 10 to 30 percent; advancing eco-friendly equipment technologies are enabling operators to accomplish these savings and sustainability goals.

Mindful of the importance of joining forces when facing the challenge for a better planet, in MF Refrigeration we choose to transmit how sustainability helps protect and improve the general well-being of the world. The wide range of beverage and beer cooler equipment have made our company popular with users and valuable to consumers, offering an excellent experience while respecting the primary resources of the environment.
We also focus on initiatives that reduce our environmental footprint; create a safe, inclusive work environment; support active, healthy living; enhance the economic development of the communities where we operate. All of this, with an enduring commitment to building sustainable communities and contexts.

Efficientreliable and energy saving. These are the key elements of the new IoT evolution that allow our beer cooler machines to reach high standards. Iot opens new strategic possibilities for the big brands and endless applications. The main companies in the cold and hot beverage sector have chosen Celli as their key partner to design and manufacture the most sustainable and captivating projects. Among our partners: CarlsbergHeinekenBudweiser and Asahi for draught machines and draft beer towers; Coca Cola and Pepsi for their cola dispensers and post-mix machines.

Converting the most widespread beverage consumption model from the bottle to the dispensing and refill systems will be increasingly feasible thanks to the unique reality provided by MF Refrigeration.
Now more than ever, sustainability has a fundamental role in investment decision making. MF Refrigeration is the British company at the forefront of the revolution with always innovative refrigerating solutions and shaking up the industry with a new generation of smart cooling systems.