We offer custom coolers solutions
to dispense the perfect cold beer.

MF Refrigeration have engaged with key customers on a collaborative partnership basis to create bespoke cooling solutions to exacting briefs and specifications. This process has resulted in MF contributing to the enablement of industry leading innovations for global brewery and drink companies. To facilitate this service successfully it requires a business culture that embraces innovationopenness, and a collaborative engagement with our customer. This is complemented by skill sets, experience, knowledge and facilities to be able to transpose conceptional ideas into efficienteffective products that deliver on brief.

Our vision is clear: to make drinks and beer dispense better together. We believe our success lies in working ever more closely with our customers, building long-term and mutually beneficial relationships. We work hard to ensure we fully understand our customer's businesses so that we are best placed to fulfil their dispense and branding needs. We are more than just a supplier; we are their partners.

All bespoke projects by MF's team provide a perfect illustration of how the company works collaboratively with clients and the benefits it delivers. Our engineers always take a fresh approach in solving the manufacturing challenges; they look at things from all angles, with the mission of making manufacturing more efficient, producing improved product quality and performance, and delivering on time and on budget. It is a dynamic and passionate team, with great know-how, skills, and expertise developed over many years of experience.

MF Refrigeration and Celli UK's wide range of bespoke products, spare parts and accessories are provided to complete any draft beer cooler, and create an efficient, reliable and modern draught beer dispensing solution.
MF offer both custom coolers and innovative coolers. If you require a solution that differentiates from a standard or customized product on parameters ranging from; spatial footprint, configuration, serviceability, refrigerant, refrigeration system, control technology, energy consumption, drinks delivery specification, we can deliver a solution.
MF and Celli UK pursue together the mission to offer consumers the best and most authentical drinking experience, focusing on customisation and innovative and high-quality product design, while respecting tradition. Find out the high quality of MF's cooling equipment to obtain the most authentic drinking experience.

The future opportunity for custom coolers is further enhanced and complemented by the skill sets, technologies and resources that the Celli Group develops and delivers. These include system control and data management IOT systems including the proprietary IntelliDraught system. The overwhelming revolution of IntelliDraught is in making any beer cooler and dispenser "smart" by allowing them to collect and send data to a processing system to obtain valuable information on the equipment's status, on the quality of the dispensed beverage, and on consumption habits. Thanks to IntelliDraught, producers, service centres and logistic networks can access an unprecedented amount and variety of useful data to improve the process efficiency and to save resources.
The skills of our colleagues at Ads2 also provide a unique opportunity to enhance and complement the refrigeration expertise of MF with aesthetic considerations to support the brand or product image. Ads2 creates projects related to the customization of dispensing equipment, merchandising and branding solutions. It provides expertise to big companies' brand in the beverage dispensing industry, offering the chance to present a coordinated and impactful brand image.

Today the Celli Group is a leading company in Italy and a brand known internationally for the quality and the unmistakable design of its products and, most importantly, for the digital revolution it's introducing to the beverage world, which is resulting in a complete drinking experience overhaul.
The drinking experience is always at the center of the Celli Group strategy and it is directed towards a total engagement of the user, thanks to the development of digital projects. The new drinking experience does not end at the moment of drinking but involves end consumers and the environment in an unlimited combination of new opportunities
Beverage cooling systems, columns, taps and all dispensing systems are designed, manufactured and tested in the main headquarters in San Giovanni in Marignano (Rimini - Italy).
Discover the wide range of standard cooling systems by MF Refrigeration, which includes all types of solutions: innovative and high performance coolers; air cooled remote coolers that can be used as a conventional product cooler or as a large capacity cask ale python cooler; compact cooler suited for under bar applications, and so much more.


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